My name is Amy Sylvester-Knudtson and I am a School Counselor at Phoenix Middle School in the Delavan-Darien school district. This is my first year as a professional School Counselor and I am beyond thrilled to work with all of the students, staff, parents, and community members in the district!

I received my bachelors degree from UW-Whitewater in 2014 in Elementary Education. During my undergraduate career, I had the privilege of student teaching abroad in Cuenca, Ecuador for two months. While abroad, I was able to practice my Spanish speaking skills each and every day with my host family and students. I am looking forward to continuing to learn the Spanish language with my Spanish speaking students and families!

I decided to stay at UW-Whitewater for my masters degree in Counseling with an emphasis in School Counseling. During this three year period, I was able to continue spending quality time in many local schools, working closely with students of all ages.

My mission as a first year counselor is to learn from those around me while bridging gaps between the many key stakeholders involved in our children’s learning! I want to continue to create and implement a comprehensive school counseling program that empowers all students to grow and develop into their highest potential.

Mission of the Delavan-Darien School District

The mission of the Delavan-Darien School District, a partnership of students, families, staff, and community, is to ensure each student is prepared to succeed and contribute as a 21st century citizen by providing a real-world education that is engaging, thought-provoking, and culturally diverse.

Beliefs of the Delavan-Darien School District

We believe that…

  • All people have worth;
  • Everyone can be a successful learner;
  • Continuous learning is necessary in an ever-changing world;
  • Achieving your personal best requires challenge, effort, and the willingness to accept support;
  • Honesty and integrity are essential for trusting relationships;
  • Everyone is responsible for his or her own actions;
  • Individuals and communities benefit when people contribute to the well being of others;
  • A thriving community depends on a quality education system;
  • Understanding and accepting diversity in our community leads to success in the global community;
  • A supportive home environment is the primary influence on the development of an individual;
  • Emotional and physical safety are essential for a positive learning environment;
  • A quality education expands opportunities throughout a person’s life;
  • Pursuing dreams motivates people to achieve outstanding